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Submission Requirements

2019/6/14 10:08:46
We accept abstracts submitted only through Online Submission system.
Please choose “Submit an Abstract” for your submission and do not submit the same abstract repeatedly. The submission of reviews will not be accepted.
(1)Contact Information
Provide your full name, degree, institution, address, telephone number, and email address. As the first author (presenting author), you will receive all future correspondence from CSCO regarding the status of your abstract. The information provided upon submission must belong to the first author.
If you would like someone other than the first author to be contacted with any question by CSCO, please designate. All other correspondence will be with the first author.
It must be submitted in English. 
It should be concise and precise. 
Please provide all the authors. If the abstract has more than one author, please add other authors’ information accordingly.
f there is only one author or all the authors come from the same institute, please type the name of institute, city and county in “Institute 1”

(6)Word count
Do not exceed 2,000 characters for the total of your abstract title, body and table. The character count does not include spaces or author names or institutions. 
If possible, please structure your abstract with:  

If you have any question, please contact as below.
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